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25th April 2012

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Paper procrastionation rantings

So let me paint a picture for ya’ll:

9 PM Tuesday night - My roommate says he’s going to bed early since he has to wake up at 7.

12 AM Wednesday Morning - Roommate wakes up and goes to have a smoke. He comes back in about 20 mins.

Somewhere between 1-1:30 AM - I go to bed.

7 AM Wednesday Morning - Roommate’s annoying as hell alarm wakes me up. What feels like an eternity later, he turns it off.

9:30 AM - My alarm goes off. I spend an extra 20 mins in bed, get up, take a shower. Roomie is still asleep.

10:40 AM - I leave for class. Roomie still asleep.

1 PM - I return from classes and roommate is awake. He goes somewhere.

Around 2 PM or so (Maybe 1:30) - Roomie comes back. And proceeds to nap.

4:21 PM (As I post this) - Roomie’s alarm goes off again, he hits snooze, and goes back to sleep.

I’m really confused by all this.

Buffy knows what I’m talkin’ bout!

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